Gimme Five! The 5 steps to fitness success.

August 6, 2018


Now that you’ve decided to embark on your fitness journey, understanding important aspects of success for your program is essential. So in this blog, the 5 steps will be presented in a simple beginning.  This is just to get you started.  We will be posting realistic fitness information as an ongoing service to you.


1. Nutrition (No, NOT a "diet")


2. Supplements (vitamins, proteins, creatine monohydrate, etc.)


3. Cardio (the importance of cardio depends on your goal)


4. ResistanceTraining (you'll be surprised how important this is)


5. Education & Planning (nobody plans to fail, they fail to plan)

The first piece of the pie is Nutrition. There is such misconception and misinformation regarding nutrition it boggles the mind. How many times have you read completely conflicting "advice" regarding a "diet"? Low fat. Low carb. Only eat cabbage. Only grapefruit. Count points. Starve. Don't eat after dinner. And on and on. A bit overwhelming, don't you think? And what REALLY works? The best meal plan (notice I didn't say "diet") is the one that is going to work for you. That plan should be built around the foods you like to eat and should fit your lifestyle.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” nutrition program.

The second pill to swallow is quality supplements (including vitamins and fat loss products). Saying that there are "regulations" for supplement companies would be like saying the old west had "laws". Misinformation is rampant. With so much money to be made in the industry, many companies are happy to take their chances with those ambiguous "regulations" to get your hard earned money. That's not to say there aren't some great products and very trustworthy companies out there. The problem is knowing which companies to buy from, what to buy and which of those products are best for your goals at cost effective prices.  We will help you navigate the supplement world in future posts.

Let’s get things running with the third on the list:  cardio (treadmills, sports activity, walking, classes, etc.).  Again, misinformation has dominated the press, been overstated in books, and false advice is given everywhere (and from everyone)!  One of the biggest mistakes is the notion that cardio is the most important, single activity you should do. 

Your cardio plan should be right for you and your specific goals.  It’s hard for many people to realize that cardio is not the most important aspect for weight management. We will get into more details about the proper use of cardiovascular (formerly called aerobics) and how to make the shift to a more effective AKT (Active Kinetic Thermogenesis - don’t try saying that at home) system.  You don’t need nearly as much as you might think.Now for the “heavy lifting”!  Weight training (this is a broad, often misunderstood, term) is frequently neglected and performed in an ineffective or dangerous way.  But done properly, the weights are what is going to keep you lean for the long-term.

Now for the “heavy lifting”!  Weight training (this is a broad, often misunderstood, term) is frequently neglected and performed in an ineffective or dangerous way.  But done properly, the weights are what is going to keep you lean for the long-term.

The list of benefits you get from proper weight training are too long for this article. If you are spending time at the gym wondering why you are not seeing results, you won't want to miss blogs in this group.  Learning how the deep activation of muscle nerves (DAMN - for short) progresses and energizes everything in your body will change everything!

Finally, number five is knowledge and planning. It is amazing that people spend months or years planning a vacation but then just head into the gym and think they’ll get results with no plan and no idea of the complicated processes of the body, biomechanics nor understanding of what causes the body to change. The best expectations for someone entering a fitness routine without any knowledge is little to no results. But the worst case scenario is injury because of a lack of knowledge and planning. In future blogs, we will detail the importance of getting an appropriate fitness education and how to choose the right person to guide you.


I hope you're looking forward to starting on this journey of success as much as I am to share these tips with you.  You're only five steps away from your best start ever!

Let us know if you’d like a free appointment to learn more about the 5 steps of success at Realistic Fitness.


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